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Trees Ability carries out tree surgery and forestry work for domestic and commercial customers throughout UK.

We were carrying out large scale dismantles of conifers and hardwood trees. The idea of a portable sawmill came to me; that instead of cutting all the valuable timber to firewood, we could add value by milling it in to useable saleable material.

The problem I had to get around was most of the tree work stems were too big in diameter for most bandsaws and heavy to move, often access with large machinery was impossible.  We looked around for a mobile sawmill that would be light enough to move by people power and big enough to take the oversize diameter stems. The Turbosawmill filled all these needs.

The Turbosawmill basically comes in 3 bits; beam, carriage and 2 ‘T’ style legs. The Turbosawmill had the advantage, you don’t need to move the logs. It can be built around the logs in situ, with minimum effort and no complicated assembly. This was great for the oversized logs that come from tree work operations. The added-bonus of the Turbosawmill is that it can be set up on platforms to gain the extra height for the oversize logs. If needed these can be anything from concrete blocks or trellises.

Our Turbosawmill was the M8 Manual one of the first that came in to Scotland and UK, it is a great basic mill, it has a petrol 13hp engine that has plenty power to enable me to mill with 8"of cut or double cut up to 16" wide.

Once set up and level. You are ready to go in 30/40mins. Sharpening is easy; the sharpening kit can be powered by the pickup battery - no changing blades ‘many times’ a day.

The Turbosawmill has added and another service we can provide to Trees Ability; where we can add value to timber which otherwise would go to firewood and go out to contract milling (where people can’t get there mills in to). It’s a good asset to have within the business where we can cover areas other sawmills can’t.

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